Music – E-Drom Roma Cultural Site

When we think about Roma culture we often think about Roma music. A characteristic, thrilling rhythm, variable pace and distinct melody. Gypsy musicians used to always attend weddings, funerals and other celebrations at which non-Roma people were in need of music. They played at country parties and royal balls. Their undoubted musical talent was mostly used for commercial purposes. They played music for the customers and, in most cases, it was the kind of music matching the taste of a non-gypsy recipient, but at the same time enriched with Romani musicians’ talents. However, they should be definitely called ‘artists’, because their artistic contribution was too distinct to call their music imitative.

Roma Culture Platform E-Drom is Fundacja Dom Kultury’s initiative and was conducted as a result of a collaboration with the association of Counselling and Information Centre for Polish Roma and the Museum of Roma Culture in Warsaw.
In 2021 the project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sports, as a part of Fund for the Promotion of Culture.