Jerzy Ficowski

Jerzy Ficowski, Fundacja im.Jerzego Ficowskiego Archives

Jerzy Ficowski (born September 4, 1924 in Warsaw, died May 9, 2006 in Warsaw) was a poet, prose writer, translator, lyrics author, the Home Army solider and the Warsaw Uprising participant and a member of the democratic opposition in PRL. He was a person of many talents and a creator of great work, a traveller, an open-minded and unprejudiced person and a discoverer of great heresies – worlds of Schulz, Leśmian, Wojtkiewicz, the world of the Polish Jews and gypsies. He was the author of ‘’Polish Gypsies’’ (1953) and ‘’Gypsies on the Polish roads’’ (1965, 1985, 2013) – a monograph that was key for discovering knowledge about Polish Romani people.

In July 2020 in Wilga on the Vistula we met with Anna Ficowska-Teodorowicz, the president of the Jerzy Ficowski Foundation. She remembered her father, as a dad and as an artist. She told us about his work, its Romani trends, Romani family friends and about Jerzy Ficowski’s gypsy wagon… Actually, about two of them!

Jerzy Ficowski in Wilga, Fundacja im. Jerzego Ficowskiego Archives
Anna Ficowska-Teodorowicz, photographed by Andrzej Grzymała-Kazłowski, Fundacja Dom Kultury Archives









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