Witold Michaj

Fot. archiwum prywatne Witolda Michaja


Witold Michaj’s family comes from Lovari, the Russian Roma group, and from the great Chokeshti family.


In 1947, the “Moldavian Gypsy Band” was founded by Władysław Madziarowicz, whom Witold knew since he was a child. With time, the band was renamed to “Roma”. In 1967, Witold was invited to Kraków and became the main vocal soloist of the group. Michaj was fascinated by the traditional Roma music, unlike his brother – the famous Michaj Burano, who made a career in Poland singing popular music.


Witold Michaj toured with the band both in Poland and abroad. The tours and concerts that he remembers to this day are the performances in Olympia in Paris (9 concerts) and two tours in the USA.


Another important event in his life was a joint project with a band from Russia “Russian Roma” and a trip to America. They played 40 concerts in Canada and the United States of America. The culmination of the tour was a performance in Las Vegas.


Witold Michaj is still an active artist, a great vocalist and guitarist. He’s open to new musical projects, he’s a living legend of the Roma culture.

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