Teresa Mirga

Fot. archiwum Teresy Mirgi


Teresa Mirga was born and raised in the Polish Spisz region, in a Gypsy settlement in Czarna Góra, where she lives to this day. Apart from her own compositions, Teresa Mirga also performs songs belonging to the traditional music of Bergitka Roma.


Teresa Mirga’s creative explorations, reaching for various styles and repertoires, as well as a deep-rooted awareness of her own musical tradition, have allowed her to create her own original style. Religious poetry and music play an important role in her work. She presents her music during performances all over the country.


In 1992, Teresa Mirga founded a band, “Kałe Bała”. Apart from Teresa’s own compositions and Hungarian Roma melodies, the band also performs songs belonging to the traditional music of the Roma in Slovakia and the Balkan Peninsula. They also perform old songs (phurane gila) of the Carpathian Roma in traditional and new arrangements. By recalling the oldest and now forgotten melodies the musicians of “Kałe Bała” bring to life the magical world of Bergitka Roma, with its passion, joys, sorrows and nostalgia.

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