Sara Czureja-Łakatosz

Photo. prywatne archiwum Sary Czureji

Sara Czureja-Łakatosz was born on 23 April 1991 in a Roma family in Kluczbork. She grew up in a musical family, among great violinists: her grandfather, uncle and father, Miklosz Deki Czureja. From her father’s side she belongs to the Polish Highlander Roma group and from her mother’s side – to Polish Roma. She lives in Szczecin, but has already announced that she’s planning a small change.


Sara started to learn the cimbalom herself at the age of five, then she took individual lessons with the Slovakian master Józef Klempar. Sara also has an amazing vocal talent. The young artist knew from the start that she would play and sing like the rest of her family, and when asked what encouraged her to learn an instrument, she replied:

“A Romani guy from my dad’s band played the Hungarian cimbalom at the time, and I really liked it. Luckily for me, he would leave his instrument at our house. Quietly, when no one was around, I would pretend to play. One day, my dad heard me and took advantage of it. That’s how my adventure with the instrument began.”


Sara performed with the Tatra Roma band, which was founded by her father, the virtuoso violinist Mikosz Deki Czureja. They performed all over Poland and in many other countries around the world. The band consisted of: Miklosz Deki Czureja, Sara Czureja and her brother, Marek Czureja, giving all the virtuosity to the family band.

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