Cezary Majewski

Photo. Włocławek Nasze Miasto, Wojciech Alabrudziński


Cezary Majewski is an artist living in Włocławek. He comes from a traditional Roma family where traditional music and dance have been cultivated for generations. Thanks to his father,  Cezary received musical education and became known as a talented accordionist. In his hometown he was also known as a vocalist. In order to develop his music career, he joined the Gypsy Song and Dance Band “Roma”. After the band’s break-up, Cezary was a vocalist in various music bands, giving concerts both in Poland and abroad.


Around 1995, as a former member of the “Roma” band, Cezary Majewski re-established the Gypsy Song and Dance Band “Roma”, of which he is the director. The group is affiliated with the International Association of Roma Artists in Poland. The musician registered the name of his band and considers himself the only legitimate continuator of the achievements of the former band of the same name.


Cezary Majewski is a singer who is known as a performer of traditional songs and chants. But he is also open to musical novelties. The artist creates and composes, which results in extremely interesting traditional music, but with a new sound. Majewski’s music is difficult to confuse with other compositions and songs by other Roma musicians. With the support of his sons, talented artists of the young generation, he makes himself known in social media by presenting his musical achievements.

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